Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weight Watchers

So Matt and I decided to start Weight Watchers. Day 1 came and went super easily. I really like this plan, but then again it's only been one day! However I think that any diet that lets me have some form of ice cream is the right diet for me. We have prepaid for 3 months and we each have our goals set up so hopefully we will reach them! It seems to be much, much easier than some things we have tried since there are so many foods out there that are compatible with the diet and I don't have to cook every single thing from scratch for each meal. Wish us luck!!!

Cooper is doing great. He's gotten into babbling non stop and blowing his raspberries everywhere! His shirt is always soaked between the raspberry blowing and the two teeth that popped through in the last few weeks. He has also figured out that he has feet and he is a mighty big fan of them. He loves his puppies. Even as I type this Remi is licking his foot and he is giggling so loud. Such a cutie!

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