Monday, August 16, 2010

Our little model

I took Coop to get his professional pictures done last week and I just got my "preview" pictures! They turned out so wonderful! I will get the rest of the pictures on Wednesday and will upload more then!

My first trip to the ER as a mommy

Last week I had to take Cooper to the emergency room. Every morning I get in the shower and put him in his bouncy seat on the floor next to shower door. Somehow my little wiggle worm sat up and reached towards the ground for one of his favorite toys. When he did this he flipped himself out of his bouncer and smacked his head on our tile floor. I don't know if he blacked out or what. I looked over at him and he was face down in the tile just looking at me and then started screaming! I jumped out of the shower with my hair full of shampoo. I called my Matt, the doctor, and my mom. He acted fine after about 5 minutes. He was just his happy normal little self. I thought he would be fine but Matt (who I really never thought would be the "crazy" parent between us two) insisited we go to the hospital. He was checked out and got a clean bill of health by the doctor. We did make new friends in the waiting room there. There was a lady from Austria who just moved here waiting to be seen and she has a 1 year old little boy. We met with them two days after our trip at a local educational play spot. Cooper now weighs 21.4 pounds! Such a chunky monkey!! He really doesn't eat that much either. Maybe 28 ounces of formula and 2 ounces of a vegetable for dinner and 2 ounces of fruit for lunch. I'm making him homemade yogurt right now and it smells so good! He will have that for breakfast tomorrow. I simmered some blueberries and mixed them with a banana and I'm going to add that to my yogurt after it's all set. I wish I could eat it but it's whole milk and if I'm gonna have that much fat it's going to be from a snickers, not yogurt! He also got his first sippy cup yesterday. He knows to put it in his mouth but can't quite figure out how to suck hard enough to get the water out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our progress

Week 1 of Weight Watchers went great for Matt and I! Matt lost an impressive 5+ pounds and I lost 2.6! I am really loving this diet. It's so easy to follow and they have delicious desserts that I can eat and not feel like I've ruined my diet for the day. We are in the middle of week 2 and it's still going great :)

Cooper went to the pediatrician this morning for his reflux. He has moved on from not only spitting up his bottles but now he spits up his solid food as well. Our first step is to change his medication and see if it helps. Fingers crossed for us please!

Yesterday I took Coop over to the Watermelon Patch. It's a little area full of foam blocks and developmental toys. They have a ballet mirror that he absolutely loved. He kept trying to figure out who that handsome man was in the mirror. Love him.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cooper Taco

Cooper has a little play mat that he absolutely loves to play under. It has support bars that he props his feet up on and kicks until the whole thing folds on top of him and turns him into a taco! He's so silly :)

My New Trick

Cooper has a new trick! He can sit up all by himself. We've been working on it for the past few weeks but two days ago he figured it out. He sat up for about 2 minutes before starting to lose his balance. I just can't believe he's growing so fast! He's not even 5 months old and he has 2 teeth, can roll over both ways, sits up, and giggles like crazy!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few more pictures...

Weight Watchers

So Matt and I decided to start Weight Watchers. Day 1 came and went super easily. I really like this plan, but then again it's only been one day! However I think that any diet that lets me have some form of ice cream is the right diet for me. We have prepaid for 3 months and we each have our goals set up so hopefully we will reach them! It seems to be much, much easier than some things we have tried since there are so many foods out there that are compatible with the diet and I don't have to cook every single thing from scratch for each meal. Wish us luck!!!

Cooper is doing great. He's gotten into babbling non stop and blowing his raspberries everywhere! His shirt is always soaked between the raspberry blowing and the two teeth that popped through in the last few weeks. He has also figured out that he has feet and he is a mighty big fan of them. He loves his puppies. Even as I type this Remi is licking his foot and he is giggling so loud. Such a cutie!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I can roll over

Cooper has figured out how to roll over like a pro! Thought I would share :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

More pictures

Busy, Busy Week!

Man it's been a busy week! Cooper has been teething so sleep is a luxury right now but really he is being such a trooper! He wakes up once at night and just wants to eat and be held and he isn't too fussy. Now he has his two bottom teeth! Sometimes little boys just need their mama! He has learned to roll over not only tummy to back but can do back to tummy. He hasn't rolled back to tummy in front of me yet but I found him that way in his crib. On Wednesday I took Cooper to Matt's jobsite for their "topping out" party. I don't quite know how to explain it but I think it's when they have all the concrete for their building poured or the top of the building is now on. I have no idea but we had a blast! I bought Cooper a little hard hat so he could really fit in. He was a hit at the party and everyone loved him... but then again who doesn't? :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Cooper had his 4 month check up and shots today. He weighs 19 pounds and is 28.5 inches long! He is in the 1ooth percentile for both height and weight! Such a big boy. Everything looks great though. He got his first tooth yesterday as well. It's on the bottom left side of his mouth. He's been a happy boy but has definitely not been sleeping as well as he has been. I'm going to miss his gummy little grin!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a year!

Well, it's the Fourth of July! That means it's been exactly one year since Matt and I got the news that we were going to be parents! What an exciting year it has been too! It's just gone by so fast.

We have had a good holiday weekend so far. Our air conditioning went out yesterday so it has been H-O-T but luckily the repair man came and fixed it today. Cooper spent most of the past 24 hours in only his diaper... he's so stinking cute! He also got his first pair of Sperry boat shoes. He's so handsome in them :) Today we are going to a 4th of July Barbeque so it should be lots of fun! Pictures to follow :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


We just got back from Jacksonville last night and boy is it different traveling with a 3 1/2 month old versus a newborn! He used to just sleep, sleep, sleep the whole drive but not anymore! It took us about 6 1/2 hours and Cooper was great for most of it, but there was a solid hour at least of pure crying! He must have worn himself out this weekend because he is already on his 2nd hour of his 2nd nap and it's only 3:20! He has started really giggling. Big ole baby belly laughs! They are so adorable. I have to try and get them on camera this week :) Today is back to reality. Unpacking, laundry, and cleaning.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

It's Matt's first Father's Day! He will be smoking ribs on his new smoker to celebrate. Cooper also made a foot imprint for him. But I had to share this with you guys! My mom made it for Matt's first Father's day. Of course it was a tearjerker for us ;)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dinner Time!

Cooper had his first taste of rice cereal (not in a bottle!) tonight for dinner. He loved it. He was able to open his mouth when he saw the spoon and kind of swallow it. We tried with sweet potatoes last week but he just wasn't ready. So it looks like he will be having dinner time with us now :)

Also... Coop has a new girlfriend! Her name is Felicity and we went to her house to go swimming today. He had a blast and fell asleep the minute he hit his carseat and stayed asleep for hours. Wish we would have gotten pictures :(

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cooper is full of smiles!

Just wanted to post the video of Cooper smiling a lot while he was at the breakfast table with me yesterday. He's such a doll :)

Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone! Matt and I have decided to start a family blog to help all of our long distance family keep up with what's going on with our little family. I just hope we are able to keep it up better than the one I **attempted** to do when I was pregnant with Cooper. So for all of the latest happenings with Cooper, Matt's job, and even the girls (Remi, Bailey, and Dixie) this is the place! I hope everyone enjoys :)