Monday, August 16, 2010

My first trip to the ER as a mommy

Last week I had to take Cooper to the emergency room. Every morning I get in the shower and put him in his bouncy seat on the floor next to shower door. Somehow my little wiggle worm sat up and reached towards the ground for one of his favorite toys. When he did this he flipped himself out of his bouncer and smacked his head on our tile floor. I don't know if he blacked out or what. I looked over at him and he was face down in the tile just looking at me and then started screaming! I jumped out of the shower with my hair full of shampoo. I called my Matt, the doctor, and my mom. He acted fine after about 5 minutes. He was just his happy normal little self. I thought he would be fine but Matt (who I really never thought would be the "crazy" parent between us two) insisited we go to the hospital. He was checked out and got a clean bill of health by the doctor. We did make new friends in the waiting room there. There was a lady from Austria who just moved here waiting to be seen and she has a 1 year old little boy. We met with them two days after our trip at a local educational play spot. Cooper now weighs 21.4 pounds! Such a chunky monkey!! He really doesn't eat that much either. Maybe 28 ounces of formula and 2 ounces of a vegetable for dinner and 2 ounces of fruit for lunch. I'm making him homemade yogurt right now and it smells so good! He will have that for breakfast tomorrow. I simmered some blueberries and mixed them with a banana and I'm going to add that to my yogurt after it's all set. I wish I could eat it but it's whole milk and if I'm gonna have that much fat it's going to be from a snickers, not yogurt! He also got his first sippy cup yesterday. He knows to put it in his mouth but can't quite figure out how to suck hard enough to get the water out.

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